If you talk to David Fogel long enough, he’ll probably mention something called a “third space.”

The Maryland native with a background in urban development uses the term to describe the place — after home and the office — where you spend the most time. It’s what he’s hoping Bump ’n Grind, a new cafe-meets-record shop opening Saturday, will be for Silver Spring residents.

Co-founded by Fogel and local DJ Joe Liehr,  Bump ’n Grind will serve craft coffees and house a record marketplace with more than 1,500 new releases (many by local record labels) available for sale.

“There are a lot of similarities between the way we serve coffee and playing records,” Fogel says. “Hand-poured coffee is a slower process with a more refined product,” Liehr adds. “And in the age of Pandora, people digest music so quickly. We’re bringing back those connections.”

With Joe’s Record Paradise, a massive used vinyl shop, less than half a mile away, the duo wanted to set themselves apart by selling new releases only.

“We realize it’s not a very profitable business model,” Liehr says. “If we don’t lose a bunch of money on the records, we’ll be happy.”

Bump ’n Grind will also offer two turntables and a library of records people can listen to with headphones or over the speakers. And Fogel and Liehr hope to eventually host movie nights, radio shows and possibly live music in the space.

There’s just one group activity they’re not so keen on: karaoke.

1200 East-West Highway, Silver Spring; bumpngrind.co.
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