In “The Boy Next Door,” out Friday, Jennifer Lopez hooks up with the old man from across town. Kidding, but that would have been a better idea than what she does with the neighbor kid. It’s another example of ill-advised movie coupling.

Dan and Alex: Michael Douglas and Glenn Close didn’t really play a couple in “Fatal Attraction,” since they just had a one-night stand — one that carried over a little too long and got a little too murder-y.

Ben and Madison: In “Swimfan,” the hilariously campy high school version of “Fatal Attraction,” Jesse Bradford learns an important lesson: Abstinence is the best way to avoid pregnancy and crazy ladies.

Annie and Paul: James Caan plays an author and Kathy Bates plays a woman obsessed with his most famous character in “Misery.” When he kills off the character, she decides to torture him rather than trolling him on Twitter like a normal person.

Frank and Rachel: For a character who spends most of “The Bodyguard” talking about the wisdom of not getting personally involved with the person you’re guarding, Kevin Costner’s character is certainly good at getting personally involved with the person he’s guarding.

Romeo and Juliet: There have been a lot of big-screen iterations of the classic play, but they all end with the same message: Teenagers in love are idiots.

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