Shopping for the first bath products for her now 1-year-old daughter was an eyeopening experience for Leigh Byers, who examined labels in stores and wondered, “What is this stuff?” Her husband’s suggestion: Make soap at home with only the ingredients she wanted.

Byers’ creations with olive oil, shea butter, goats milk and honey are now the main attraction at her just-opened Capitol Hill shop, Hunnybunny Boutique (311 8th St. NE;, which she envisions as a place for anyone else interested in “weaning off of chemical stuff on our skin.”

There isn’t much on the shelves yet other than the soap bars ($5 each or $15 for sets of four “not so pretty” bars in irregular shapes). But Byers plans to continue to expand her selection of lotion bars, shampoo bars, face masks and more.

Expect additional products for discerning moms and dads soon, notes Byers, who’s also stocked Hunnybunny with teething jewelry and an assortment of Under the Nile brand cotton goodies. Plus, there’s a big draw for the littlest shoppers: a play area.

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