A new indie movie theater named Suns Cinema is heading to Mt. Pleasant.

The project comes from movie enthusiasts/Mt. Pleasant residents David Cabrera and Ryan Hunter Mitchell.

The two began hosting themed movie nights at their shared apartment back in 2010, which they playfully called “Uncle David’s Movie Night at the Monte Carlo Cinema.”

“We’d project a movie on the wall, maybe something Italian, and tell people to bring Italian food and wine,” says Cabrera, who works as a bartender and waiter. Hunter Mitchell is the owner of Eastern Confederate, a hair salon just across the street from the theater.

The two always entertained the idea of doing something a little more formal with their movie nights, and pursued a few real estate opportunities in the neighborhood, all of which fell through.


But early last month they secured a lease for a former cell phone store, which they plan to convert into a makeshift cinema with enough seating for 40, plus a small bar where they hope to serve concessions, beer and cocktails (provided they get a liquor license).


Feature films will often be classics, like old Alfred Hitchcock movies or “The Goonies.” “We don’t want to compete with first- or second-run theaters,” Cabrera says. “We want to keep it old and eclectic, and maybe screen some locally made movies as well.”

Cabrera and Hunter Mitchell are launching a Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks to help fund their efforts, and are hoping to open by early summer.

Update: You can donate to the Kicstarter here.

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