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We talk food with Express’ sports editor, Jeff Tomik

Express’s sports editor, Jeff Tomik, follows local and national sports news closely. Food news? Not so much.
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At Express, we have a talented group of editors who specialize in specific areas of D.C. news. Whereas our fitness editor closely follows local health trends and workouts (Trampoline classes! Bubble soccer!), I, as the dining editor, pretty much just track the status of the D.C. cat cafe Kickstarter campaign.

Together, our team possesses a wide range of knowledge. But if you ask us to weigh in on something beyond our specific beats, hilarity is sure to ensue.

Jeff Tomik, our sports editor, can tell you where every player on the Wizards went to college, and he’s my go-to when it’s time to fill out my March Madness bracket. But ask him to tag along for a trip to Sweetgreen and he’s likely to ask, “What’s Sweetgreen?” (True story.)

Ever the good sport, he agreed to sit down with me for a discussion about D.C.’s food scene. When you spend so much time focusing on one particular subject, it’s refreshing to get an outsider’s perspective.

Let’s start off with a rapid-fire round. I’m going to tell you an acronym, and you tell me if it’s a restaurant in D.C. or a government agency.

OK. Let’s do this.

OSC: Restaurant. (wrong)
ABMC: Agency. (right)
SER: Restaurant. (right)
DLA: Agency. (right)
DBGB: That’s a burger place. (close)
CDBG: Maybe that’s the burger place? (wrong)
GAO: Restaurant. (wrong)
NASS: Agency. (right)
GBD: Restaurant. (right)
DGS: Agency. (wrong)
RUS: Restaurant. (wrong)

On to the next set of questions. What is a pop-up?

An ad on the Internet.

Who is Aaron Silverman?

Aaron Silverman is a Jewish baker.

What do you do with bone broth?

You make soup out of it. Final answer.

Some people drink it. There’s even a bone broth cafe in New York.

Why would you do that?

What’s the difference between Union Market and Union Kitchen?

Union Market is larger, Union Kitchen is smaller. Is that right?

Close. Union Kitchen is a food incubator. What do you think that is?

It’s a place where they sell free-range eggs.

What’s a ramp?

I’m going to go with a vegetable, since I don’t eat those. It’s like celery.

How do you spell “foie gras”?

Can you use it in a sentence?

“For a while, foie gras was banned in San Francisco due to animal cruelty.”

And the country of origin?


OK, I’m going to say P-H-O-U  G-R-A-U

Where do you like to eat in the city?

My sister and I used to try a new restaurant every week, but we haven’t in a while. She’s a vegetarian, which I don’t understand. I don’t know how you can eat a meal without meat, let alone an entire lifestyle. I really like Ted’s Bulletin.

Jose Andres is opening a vegetable-forward restaurant soon and calling it “Beefsteak.” What do you think of that?

Why would you do that? Are they trying to fool you? That’d be the worst, to go to a five-star restaurant and find out there’d be no meat.

What do you think happens at a cat cafe?

People get cat hair in their coffee.