Mimi Rieger, with Viva Shakti pants. (Rachel Pomerance Berl/Express)

If the 1980s had a baby with Rio de Janeiro, you might get Viva Shakti yoga pants. Developed by local yogis Mimi Rieger and Maria Elena Garcia Mora, they may forever banish black yoga legwear.

You may feel like a peacock wearing these in D.C., but that’s the point — the bravado of splashing patterns this spirited across your backside. “You can high-five your friends who have the same pants on,” Rieger says. “You’re both taking a risk.”

The fabric, Lycra that’s made in Brazil with UV protection, feels like a second skin, on or off the mat. The pants will debut at a pop-up shop Saturday at The Viva Center (1555 Connecticut Ave. NW). Vivashaktiyoga.com is set to go live later this week.

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