Olivia Moore is a bright, buoyant brunette, and everything’s going her way. She’s a star medical student. And her cute fiance loves her so much, he wants to elope!

One night a colleague invites her to a party. Olivia’s not a party person, but her fiance urges her to go. “What’s the worst that can happen?” he asks.

Let’s see. Zombies invade the party. Olivia gets scratched. Her eyes grow sunken, her skin pales, her hair turns sickly yellow. And she develops an appetite for brains — preferably mixed with pasta and topped with hot sauce.

Olivia dumps her boyfriend and gets a job in the morgue, where there are brains aplenty. But she’s not exactly thrilled by her new craving: “Eating brains sucks beyond words.”

That’s what happened in last week’s pilot of “iZombie,” the new CW series (9 p.m. Tuesdays) based on a comic book and brought to TV by the fertile, uneaten brains of the “Veronica Mars” creators.

There’s never been a series quite like this one: a self-mocking mash-up of zombie thriller, detective show and single-girl-in-the-city comedy. When Olivia eats a murder victim’s brain, she absorbs the person’s memories and has visions that lead to the killer, making her a great sidekick for dashing Detective Babineaux. And like TV’s iconic singleton Mary Richards, she’s trying to see if she can make it after all — or in this case, find “a reason for being not alive.” That kind of deadpan humor is why “iZombie” is more fun than a barrel full of monkey brains.

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