With a new restaurant opening seemingly every other week in the District, locals hoping to become a regular somewhere have more choices than ever. And sometimes it can be a little decorative flair — like perfect stemware, sassy bathroom wallpaper or a cozy chair — that catches your eye and keeps you coming back for more. Take this quiz to see how many of these restaurants, both new and old, you can name based on subtle decor details.


Victoria Milko

Since coming above ground in 2011, this petite, graffiti-covered shop has been satiating ramen enthusiasts’ needs in D.C.’s Atlas District.

Toki Underground
Sakuramen Ramen Bar


Victoria Milko

Between fancy cocktails at this subterranean bar off of 14th Street, take a moment to gawk at its NSFW bathroom wallpaper. (Is that why the line is always so long?)

2 Birds 1 Stone
Sotto D.C.
The Gibson
Harold Black


Victoria Milko

Crates collected at D.C. farmers markets deck the walls at this warehouse-meets-sweets-factory in Northeast D.C. near Union Market.

Ice Cream Jubilee
Dangerously Delicious Pies
Sticky Fingers


Victoria Milko

A quaint place to meet and grab a bite, this corner shop in Bloomingdale offers a Natty Boh and sausage combo. It also quells Washingtonians’ hunger for half-smokes with a sense of humor.

DCity Smokehouse
Ben's Chili Bowl
Red Apron
Meats & Foods


Victoria Milko

Alright, here's a tough one: This rowhouse-turned-cafe in Mount Pleasant (with a “No Electronics Allowed” sign in the dining room) uses toy animals in lieu of table numbers so the staff can keep track of your order.

Dos Gringos
Marx Cafe
The Raven
Haydee's Restaurant


Victoria Milko

The cocktails get turned up to 11 at this laid-back bar in Columbia Heights. And don’t forget to sneak a peek at the bat-themed bathroom wallpaper. 

Rock and Roll Hotel
Bat Bar
Room 11
Mockingbird Hill


Victoria Milko

These vintage glasses inspired by trading cards have made quite the splash at this Italian-leaning neighborhood restaurant in Bloomingdale.

DGS Delicatessen
The Red Hen
Lupo Verde


Victoria Milko

This coffee shop, located in a 135-year-old building in Shaw, features worn-in couches and chairs, plus a sleek bar for customers to perch with their laptops.

The Coffee Bar
Compass Coffee
Blind Dog Cafe


Victoria Milko

Patrons are encouraged to treat themselves to a night of luxury at this chef-owned restaurant on Barracks Row.

Minibar by José Andrés
Central Michel Richard
Rose's Luxury


Victoria Milko

Sporting retro pink vinyl chairs and cosmic-themed tabletops, this bakery in Columbia Heights serves vegan and gluten-free treats to its customers. 

Baked & Wired
Buzz Bakery
The Sweet Lobby
Sticky Fingers


Victoria Milko

Things can get a bit sticky after dunking this H Street restaurant’s tater tots into their trademark spicy mayonnaise. 

Church Key
Sticky Rice
Red Derby

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