Joel Patton teaches iRide at VIDA Fitness at The Yards.

Before Joel Patton fires up the music videos — and his bike-based class, iRide, at VIDA Fitness at The Yards — he delivers a disclaimer.

“Viewer discretion advised,” Patton says of the music videos that play on the jumbo screen for a powerful, in-your-face, front-row-at-a-concert effect. A recent class featured footage of Beyonce in a buttless getup.

“It can be a little bit touchy,” but it’s also “motivating and inspirational,” he says.

Though it uses stationery bikes, iRide is not spin, Patton stresses.

“It’s literally like a party,” he says of the club-like class, which uses hand weights and moves like clapping and arm swinging. “It’s a big social sweat fest.”