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Find 63-degree eggs at The Source and Stanton & Greene

An egg cooked for one hour in 63-degree Celsius water is known as a 63-degree egg. Here are two ways to enjoy the creamy treat.

The Source
575 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
For his dish, chef Scott Drewno pays close attention to an egg  that he cooks in a 63-degree water bath for one hour. He then cracks it over a bowl of Penang pork curry flavored with lime and lemon grass, and the runny yolk adds a creamy consistency to the sauce. This item ($7.50) is available every Saturday during dim sum brunch.

Stanton & Greene
319 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
This new Capitol Hill hang serves an interpretation of the traditional bacon and egg plate ($12). Chef Josh Hutter prepares a 63-degree egg and cracks it over a bed of stone-ground grits laced with cheddar cheese. It comes with a hunk of crisp pork belly.

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