“The Longest Ride,” out Friday, is the latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book, which means someone will probably die an untimely, yet lovely, death. Given that the setting is the rodeo, we can maybe guess what’s coming. Bronco-busting isn’t easy, as these ring-centric movies show.

‘The Lusty Men’: Robert Mitchum stars in this 1952 film that features rodeo action and a love triangle. Which is more dangerous? Well, no one ever got stomped on by a love triangle.

‘Dallas Buyers Club’: Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar-winning turn starts at a rodeo ring, but he’s not riding horses, wink wink. Or bulls, nudge nudge. (He’s having sex, if you can’t read between the lines.)

‘Brokeback Mountain’: Sure, Ennis and Jack could hold their own in the ring, but it’s Lureen (Anne Hathaway) who really makes an impression as a barrel rider, proving she’s much more than a buckle bunny.

‘Rank’: Set your iPhone timer for eight seconds. Then picture spending all that time on top of an animal that can, will and wants to kill you (or at least get you off his back). Now add clowns. That’s pretty much the gist of this 2006 documentary.

‘8 Seconds’: This 1994 film about real-life champ Lane Frost was supposed to launch Luke Perry’s film career. That went about as well as a typical bull ride, only with fewer broken bones. Probably.

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