D.C. Yelpers have been exceptionally harsh to Pasta Italiana, a restaurant in Woodley Park with over 80 reviews and a one-star overall rating. The restaurant is located blocks from the zoo and has been open for five years. Manager Mohammed Renu agreed to discuss the sorry state of the restaurant’s Yelp page from his perspective.

How do you feel about your Yelp reviews?
We get bad reviews, we get good reviews. I haven’t seen it recently.

You should probably check it out. You have a very bad over-all rating, just one star. Do you care about the Yelp reviews?
Sure, we care. That is bad. Nobody likes bad reviews.
Do you mind if I read you a couple? “You would be happier getting a bag of chips from next door” and “The tomatoes were similar to what we get in Alaska in the wintertime … hard and no flavor.”
I feel bad when I read that. They are not 100 percent lying, no, they are right. The customer is always right.

How about this one: “It’s 100% false advertising when they use the words ‘authentic’ and ‘organic’ Italian ‘food.’ “ Is your food organic?
No restaurant is all organic.

Do you think your food deserves one star?
I believe we deserve more, because I don’t get a lot of complaints at the restaurant. When people eat here, most of the people say it was very good. Customers will say, ‘Tell the chef it was very good food and many thanks.’ I am not saying everything is perfect or this is a classic restaurant.

I ate here a few weeks ago, and I have to be honest, it wasn’t very good.
I will try to make better food. I will try.