In “The Age of Adaline,” out Friday, Blake Lively plays a woman who repeatedly celebrates her 29th birthday — because a weird car accident left her stuck there. She could trade notes with these characters for whom aging works a little different.

Daniel McCormick: Mel Gibson plays a WWII pilot who gets frozen as a scientific experiment in “Forever Young.” He gets unfrozen in today’s world (OK, 1992), only to rapidly start aging. His hair goes white, his skin gets wrinkled and he becomes very protective of his lawn.

Benjamin Button: The titular character of 2008’s “curious case” study is born old and ages backward, meaning at age 3 he could buy alcohol for all of his preschool friends.

Madeline Ashton: In “Death Becomes Her,” Meryl Streep gets to show off her comedic chops as a vain actress who, after taking a potion, never ages — but she can get injured. This is why it’s important to read the labels.

The Tuck Family: Based on a beloved YA novel, “Tuck Everlasting” is about a family who achieve immortality when they drink from a magical spring. The parents are less than thrilled to find they now have a 17-year-old in their house forever.

Brigadoon: An entire Scottish village hangs on to its youth, thanks to a spell that makes it appear only once every hundred years. Which is about how often one can bear to hear bagpipes.

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