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The misleading title of “The D Train,” out Friday, actually refers to Dan (Jack Black), a high school reunion organizer on a mission to get the most popular kid in their class to attend. But that won’t stop us from looking at movies that feature trains.
‘North by Northwest’: Ah, if only train travel were as glamorous as it was in Hitchcock’s classic. Bar cars, dressing for dinner, Cary Grant. Actually, forget the bar cars and dinner. Let’s just bring back Cary Grant.

‘Before Sunrise’: The first film in Richard Linklater’s trilogy about a couple (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) who meet on a train, “Before Sunrise” couldn’t take place today, as both people would be too busy staring at their phones.

‘The Polar Express’: One of those creepy kind-of-animated films, this 2004 Robert Zemeckis film aimed to capture the magic of the children’s book of the same name. Instead it just led to hundreds of nightmares about Uncanny Valley Tom Hanks.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’: Having to solve a murder can make any trip more stressful. Plus, for all its luxury, the train didn’t even have Wi-Fi.

‘Broken Arrow’: This story about stolen nuclear warheads places its climactic final battle on a train because this special effects budget isn’t going to spend itself, you know?

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