Poldark (Aidan Turner) immediately fixed
his hair after this
photo was taken. (Masterpiece)

In the heat of summer, where can a “Downton Abbey” lover turn for period costume drama? “Poldark”!

“Poldark” is an eight-part BBC series set in the 1790s in Cornwall, England. The BBC made another version in the 1970s, but you know how it goes in TV: There’s no shame in doing the same thing again!

PBS will air the new “Poldark” starting 9 p.m. Sunday. And it can match “Downton” melodramatic moment for melodramatic moment.

The hero, Ross Poldark, is a strapping man with an artfully tangled mop of black hair who fought in the U.S. revolution (on the WRONG SIDE I might add), almost died and has just come home to his beloved Cornwall to reunite with Elizabeth, the love of his life. Only she thought he had died in the war and is about to wed his cousin Francis, a wimp with a poufy hairdo.

That’s not the only bad news for Poldark. The local economy sucks, and his late father has left him practically nothing, which is too bad because he needs to buy a lot of product to keep his hair in shape.

In the first episode, men brawl, bodices heave and moody horse rides are taken along the moody cliffs of Cornwall. (So moody, in fact, that the Daily Mail reported tourism to the region went up after the series aired in England earlier this year.)

Alas, there is no Dowager Countess type tossing off quips. But one crotchety servant shows some comic promise when he declares, “Well, pick my liver, what can we do?”

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