In “Magic Mike XXL,” now playing, Channing Tatum rejoins his old clothing-removal crew to make it to a July Fourth clothing-removal convention. It makes sense that the showcase happens on a day when we recognize the things that make America great. These other movies celebrate American exceptionalism, too, though none have one of our nation’s greatest treasures: Channing Tatum’s abs.

This classic American musical
is actually profoundly moving in its telling of how America was born. It also proves how much more effective our government would be if our leaders had to burst into song at least once a day.

‘Rocky IV’
Made at a point when America’s relationship with Russia was tremendously strained, with the two sides looking at each other with suspicion and veiled threats, this movie captures a time long ago and is entirely irrelevant today.

‘Top Gun’
We just included this to make sure you had “Danger Zone” stuck in your head the rest of the day. You’re welcome!

‘A League of Their Own’
Often “patriotism” is synonymous with “being a man,” but not in the true-life story of a women’s league that kept baseball alive during WWII. Some soldiers defend their home with guns; some slide into home while wearing a skirt.

‘Red Dawn’
The Soviets are the bad guys AGAIN in the 1984 original; in the 2012 remake, the North Koreans step in. Both movies prove that if America ever is invaded, our hope lies with teenagers. It was nice knowing you, freedom!

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