Michael Ian Black says he isn’t as busy as he seems. In fact, the actor-writer-comedian has so much time on his hands that he fits in a nap every day. He probably needs it: In addition to hosting three podcasts, writing adult and children’s books, and appearing on TV Land’s “The Jim Gaffigan Show” and Comedy Central’s “Another Period,” Black co-stars in Netflix’s new series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” a prequel to the cult classic movie debuting July 31. Black is also touring the country doing stand-up, but he’ll tell you it’s only because the new house he built made him poor. Washingtonians can help Black pay his mortgage when he comes to the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse on Friday and Saturday.

How did director David Wain get the original “Wet Hot American Summer” cast back together to film the Netflix show?
That was the most challenging part for him because so many of the people from the original film, with the exception of me, have become stars. The way they did it was carving out one, two or three days, and then shooting everything they were in for those days.

What was the feeling on set while shooting the show compared to the film, which came out in 2001?
We’re all 15 years older. There’s a lot more talk of fiber intake and less consumption of alcohol. But it feels the same. We’re all friends, for the most part. It’s just like hanging with friends, getting together, having fun.

I can see the headline now: “Michael Ian Black says they are ‘friends for the most part.’ “
Oh yeah. I’m not going to say who I’m NOT friends with. But uh, Elizabeth Banks is a total b—-!

What can we expect to hear in your stand-up this weekend?
I would say mostly jokes. Jokes about stuff, primarily. So if you’re interested in jokes and stuff you’ll probably have a nice time. I did get arrested recently for the first time. I will be discussing that experience. It was just so minor. Human trafficking. So what? Everybody does it.

On your podcast “How to Be Amazing,” you interview a variety of types of successful people. What themes have emerged?
The importance of belief in yourself, and having people in your life who support you. And perseverance. Really, for most people it comes down to keeping at something. Very few people are blessed with any innate ability that allows them to coast into their chosen profession. So much of it is about failing and then getting up and moving forward.

Since you host “How to Be Amazing” and your 2011 special was called “Michael Ian Black: Very Famous,” how did you become so amazing, and so very famous?
The amazing part, that’s not for me to judge. Of course I agree with it wholeheartedly. But I would never, ever, ever say that. And about being famous? Look. I’ve been on basic cable long enough that my face is familiar to literally hundreds of people.

Anything else you want to tell readers?
No, just get out of that swamp.

Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington; Fri., 7:30 & 10 p.m., Sat. 7 & 10 p.m., $25.

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