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Westray’s Finest Ice Cream — and its adorable truck — to debut Friday

Photo courtesy Westray’s Finest
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This Friday will bring the debut of Westray’s Finest Ice Cream truck, an adorable ice cream parlor on wheels.


Following some soul searching (prompted by a layoff from LivingSocial in 2012), multiple mentorships at artisanal ice cream shops in New York and drawn-out building delays on the truck, Westray Paul is eager to hit the road and serve his ice cream to the masses.

“I was hoping to open between April and July, but it’s eventually all come together,” Paul says.

His truck, decorated with wood paneling and illustrations of hot air balloons and clouds, looks like it drove right out of the movie “Up.”

From it, Paul will dish out classic flavors “done right,” he says, as well as interesting twists. “I just want to make something memorable,” Paul says.

The opening day menu is likely to include options like honey buttermilk and strawberry, espresso made with beans from Qualia Coffee, Madagascar vanilla and matcha tea.

Many of Paul’s ingredients are sourced locally, including milk from Trickling Springs Creamery, and he intends to incorporate other products from D.C. producers, such as cookie dough from local bakers.

His ice cream recipe, he says, strikes a balance between smooth, egg yolk-rich custard and a toned-down richness that lets flavors shine through.

“This is my first go at food,” says Paul, who previously worked in project management and has family in the area. “I knew before I went down this path that jumping into it without any experience would be kind of scary. But I took those jobs [at ice cream shops in New York] so when I’m at the point of doing my own thing I was not out of my element.”

To learn where the Westray’s Finest Ice Cream truck will land on Friday, follow it on Twitter and Instagram.