If you don’t like comedians Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner, it’s OK: They wouldn’t like you either. That’s the basic premise of their new Hulu series, “Difficult People,” produced by Amy Poehler, which premieres its first two episodes today before moving to a weekly schedule. Eichner and Klausner play semi-fictionalized versions of themselves: struggling New York comedians who hate everyone and everything and spend most of their time complaining or making fun of celebrities on Twitter. Here’s what you should know about Hulu’s newest curmudgeonly stars.

Meet Billy Eichner
When “Billy on the Street” premiered on Fuse in 2011, Eichner emerged as one of the most refreshing voices in comedy: a brash game show host who loves Meryl Streep and hates Anne Hathaway. “Billy on the Street,” which moves to TruTV for its fourth season, is simple: Eichner runs around New York shouting pop culture trivia questions at strangers (sometimes with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Paul Rudd) and hilarity ensues. Earlier this year, Eichner filmed a Funny or Die short in D.C. with Michelle Obama and Big Bird that earned an Emmy nom. Fans of “Parks and Recreation” will recognize Eicher as the easily annoyed Craig.

Meet Julie Klausner
Klausner first gained attention for her 2010 memoir “I Don’t Care About Your Band,” which details a series of poor relationship choices she made in her 20s. An HBO series based on the book fizzled out, and, at the urging of Patton Oswalt, Klausner started a podcast, “How Was Your Week?,” where she interviews celebrities and talks about reality television. She used to snarkily recap “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for New York magazine (a “Difficult People” plot point) and has written for Spin magazine and The New York Times. Klausner is also the head writer for “Billy on the Street.”

Together, they’re ‘Difficult People’
Eichner and Klausner have amazing chemistry — the result of years of friendship and working together on “Billy on the Street” — that overshadows the supporting cast in the “Difficult People” pilot (which includes Gabourey Sidibe and James Urbaniak). But it’s a joy to watch the pair lob one-liners back and forth, whether they’re talking about Academy Awards red carpet coverage, or their (horrible) idea for bottling library water-fountain water. And that’s what makes the show work: Billy and Julie hate everyone — except each other.

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