The four-minute experimental German film “This Video Is Not in Reverse” is one of the 125 selections screening in this year’s DC Shorts Film Festival. (DC Shorts)

You have no excuse not to see at least part of the DC Shorts Film Festival. You can do it without waiting in line. Or dealing with people. Or leaving your house. Or, really, leaving your bed.

For the fourth year in the festival’s 12-year history, you can see a good chunk of the films online. This year, 107 of the selections — ranging in length from two to 25 minutes — will be available.

“If you attend the festival, you can only see so many,” says Jon Gann, the festival’s program director and founder. “This way, you can see a lot more. If you can’t get downtown, it’s a great way to enjoy the films wherever.”

Gann, of course, would prefer that people make their way to one of the festival’s venues over the next 11 days. “Any movie is much funnier, scarier, exciting with an audience,” he says. “There’s that emotion you get from being with other people, that shared experience. I know there are a lot of film purists and festivals that are like ‘you’re going to do it online? That’s so against the festival experience.’ And I say, no, we’re showing the best short films to an audience that appreciates them — why not give these people an opportunity to see them in a way that’s convenient?”

The festival’s online component also offers Gann a way to help the participating filmmakers. “I can tell a filmmaker X number of people saw [their film] in a movie theater and X online, but I can also give them a graph that shows where [online viewers] stopped,” Gann says. “If they got four minutes into a 10-minute film and then bailed out, for a filmmaker that’s really valuable information.”

Plus, who couldn’t use a break from cat videos? “People are already watching short content on their computers anyway,” Gann says. “Why not add quality storytelling to that?”

Various locations, Thu.-Sept.20; tickets $12 per showcase, all-access pass $100; online access through Sept. 20, $15-$30.

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