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With La Boum Boum Room, D.C. just got a lot weirder

If La Boum Boum Room is anything like La Boum brunch, expect lots of dancing. (Photo courtesy of L’Enfant Cafe)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending La Boum at L’Enfant Cafe, you probably don’t remember much about it.

The raucous affair (which is often sold out months in advance) occurs under the guise of brunch, with two seatings every Saturday and one on Sunday, but what it really entails is day drinking, light pyrotechnics, dancing on chairs and lots of skin. “People can be themselves and have fun in a safe house where they can break out of their shell,” says Christopher Lynch, co-owner of L’Enfant Cafe.

Starting Saturday at 11 p.m., L’Enfant Cafe is launching La Boum Boum Room, an even bawdier, nighttime production that includes burlesque, go go dancers, acrobatics, dancing led by a live DJ and raunchy interactive games. The three-hour engagement takes place in the dining room of L’Enfant Cafe, which will be cleared of all the tables, chairs and stools. Oh, and there will also be a trapeze swing.

“I deconstructed and rebuilt every element that people love about La Boum brunch: the organic-ness of a crowd, the sexual part of it, the flirtiness,” says Lynch. “People will enter what feels like a dream, and the later you stay the deeper you will fall into the rabbit hole.”

The dress code is listed online as “street wear, costume, uniform, glitter, gutter, glamour, fetish, stylish or evening wear.” The website also includes photos of what you might encounter, including one of a scantily clad woman rolling in broken glass. “By no means do I want this to be a homogeneous crowd,” says Lynch. “I want people in leather chaps and I want people in tuxedos.”

Guests enter through a secretive side door and admittance costs $10. Tickets for the weekly event are available here.