If you’re the type of person who waits until the last minute to think of a Halloween costume (and let’s be honest, that’s almost everyone), we’ve got you covered with a few simple, do-it-yourself, D.C.-inspired costumes that will impress your friends — or at least show them you put in the minimal amount of effort required for Halloween.

Jayson Werth Chia Pet

The man behind the beard is D.C. actor Louis Lavoie. (Photos by Jason Hornick/For Express)

Let’s focus on the happier moments of the Nationals’ season and repress that time Bryce Harper got choked. While the Jayson Werth garden gnome was the team’s big hit of 2014, this year’s promotional highlight was the Aug. 5 giveaway of the Werth Chia Pet. To pull off looking like the figurine of this shaggy outfielder, turn your face terra-cotta orange with fake tanner or orange face paint, throw on a Nats hat and color your (real or fake) beard green with temporary spray-on hair dye.
Creation duration: 15-20 minutes
Level of difficulty (out of 5): 4. If you don’t already have a beard and growing one in a day is beyond your follicles’ capabilities, it looks like you’re going to the store.
What to say: “Cha, Cha, Cha Chia!”

The Beach

Lose something? D.C. stand-up comic Kandyce August probably has it.

Become this summer’s popular National Building Museum art installation, the germ-filled, engagement-ring-stealing ball pit designed to look like the sea. After The Beach closed, the staff discovered $433.24 in loose change in the pit — along with lens caps, unpaired shoes and an ear of corn. Tape, sew or glue to a T-shirt a bunch of translucent plastic balls, keys, pennies and any random items that could have sunk to the bottom of the “ocean.”
Creation duration: 10-15 minutes
Level of difficulty: 3. Finding translucent plastic balls could be difficult. (We settled for clear Christmas-tree balls from Michael’s.) Finding random stuff to stick on a shirt will not.
What to say: “Are these your keys?”

Bill on Capitol Hill

D.C. writer Miriam Berg approves this costume.

If you’re going to a party in the Capitol Hill area, there won’t be an easier costume than this “Schoolhouse Rock”-inspired ensemble. Put one of those “Hello, My Name Is …” stickers on your shirt and fill in the following: “Bill.” If your name is actually Bill, this costume was meant to be — ditch the name tag and call your parents immediately to say thanks.
Creation duration: 1 minute
Level of difficulty: 1. If you’re incapable of placing a sticker on your shirt, you should probably just stay in and watch “Hocus Pocus.”
What to say: “I’m just a Bill. Yes, I’m only a Bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill.”

Reflecting pool

Print up a picture of the Washington Monument and paste it to the middle of a mirror. Put it on a string to make it into a necklace for a bonus Flavor Flav effect. Narcissists will flock to you all night.
Creation duration: 10-15 minutes
Level of difficulty: 3. Cutting and pasting in real life isn’t as easy as “Ctrl C” + “Ctrl V.”
What to say: “Mirror, mirror, on the Mall …”

Metro time-to-arrival sign

While a Metro-based costume might lack some originality, you can make up for it with creative text. For example, your sign could say that the next train is on the Purple Line heading to Narnia and arriving in infinite minutes. Or a Red Line train, on its way to eternal damnation, could be boarding now. Think of it as Metro Mad Libs.
Creation duration: 15-30 minutes
Level of difficulty: 2. Depending on your desire for accuracy, this could take just five minutes if you tape a pizza box to your chest and write in crayon.
What to say: “Sorry I’m late.”

White House fence jumper

Do you have a stuffed animal dog, preferably a German Shepherd, lying around your house? Well, dust off Fido and tape that fluffy fella to your leg. (Bonus points if you’re a White House jumper who gets attacked by Scooby Doo.) So people don’t think you’re dressed as a miserable person getting humped by a dog, make a fence out of cardboard or foamcore and hang it on your front or backside.
Creation duration: 15-20 minutes
Level of difficulty: 4. The $50 you spent playing rigged games at the carnival to win a cheap stuffed animal finally pays off.
What to say: “I just wanted to see if Barack could come out to play!”