Snoopy and Charlie Brown are headed to the big screen. (Blue Sky Animation)

For some, “The Peanuts Movie,” out Friday, is an adorable reminder of childhood wonder. For others, it’s a HARBINGER OF DOOM. Peanut allergies are a sad fact of life for some (no Five Guys!), and these cinematic allergy sufferers can commiserate.

Charlotte Cantilini: Jennifer Lopez’s character in “Monster-in-Law” has a nut allergy. This isn’t a huge problem until Jane Fonda serves her gravy with mashed-up almonds in it. Yum: roast beef with a side of DEATH.

Walter: The unlucky third point in the “Sleepless in Seattle” love triangle, Bill Pullman is a sneezing, wheezing mess of a man. Difficult for him, good for Kleenex’s shareholders.

Carol White: In Todd Haynes’ “Safe,” Julianne Moore plays a rich housewife who turns out to be allergic to … everything. Or she’s just having an existential crisis. Benadryl can only help with one of those things.

Thomas J. Sennett: In “My Girl,” Macaulay Culkin meets an untimely death due to a bee-sting allergy, emphasizing that life is random, cruel and full of danger. Great topic for a movie aimed at pre-teens.

Sheldon the Seahorse: One of Nemo’s school buddies in “Finding Nemo,” Sheldon struggles with H2O intolerance, a condition that affects one in eight seahorses. Please, give today so we can beat this tragic disease. Send checks to Express, made out to “Kristen Page-Kirby.”