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What to eat, drink and buy at Emporiyum this weekend

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The two-day culinary extravaganza Emporiyum returns to Union Market this weekend for its second year in D.C. With more than 90 of the country’s best food vendors dishing out their finest in a warehouse swarming with gourmands, you’ll need a plan of attack. We put together three ways to experience the event, depending on your schedule and mission. (Emporiyum, Dock 5 at Union Market, 1309 Fifth St. NE; Sat. & Sun., 10 a.m.-4 p.m., with VIP and early admission options, $15-$40.)

If you’re in a hurry …

Prioritize by hitting these rarely-in-D.C. folks. You may even want to spring for an early-access ticket ($10 extra). And avoid parking if you can.

  • Callie’s Charleston Biscuits: This South Carolina bake shop from Carrie Morey serves flaky biscuits based on her mother’s recipe. Do you prefer butter or honey on your biscuit? That’s a trick question: Both.
  • Ekiben: For its D.C. debut, this new Baltimore-based Asian street-food vendor (usually available only at Fells Point’s farmers market) will sell steamed bun sandwiches, including the popular Thai chicken meatball with papaya slaw.
  • Däl-kohm: Seasonal, small-batch sweets with a twist are the name of the game at this Richmond-based bakery. Be on the lookout for mulled apple cider cookies, miso caramels and sesame chocolate chip cookies.
  • Dooby’s: The Baltimore-based Korean cafe-restaurant with a loyal following is bringing its Korean fried chicken sandwich and french fry corn dog to D.C. Sweet red bean coffee will also be served.
  • Succotash: Celebrated chef Edward Lee opened this Korean-meets-Southern restaurant at National Harbor in September. Save the trek and try his fried catfish sandwich here.

If you want to buy gifts …

How thoughtful. We hope you know a few foodies, because the options are endless.

If you’re just hungry …

Lines will no doubt be long, so bring a snack if you’re prone to get hangry.

  • Dirty South Deli: This gourmet sandwich food truck will serve pork and grits as well as mini versions of its popular Mr. Chips sandwich. It’s made with chopped pork mixed with hot sauce and apple cider, bread and butter jalapenos, manchego cheese, cilantro and citrus aioli on a brioche roll.
  • Timber Pizza: In advance of its forthcoming Petworth restaurant, this mobile pizza vendor will be previewing a few new dishes you can expect to see at the brick-and-mortar. It’ll also be serving its popular pizza pies, some with local collaborators.
  • Maketto and Toki Underground: Chef/owner Erik Bruner-Yang will be whipping up a special Emporiyum-only ramen for the event.
  • Graffiato: Mike Isabella’s special Emporiyum menu reads like a greatest hits of his Italian dishes: pepperoni sauce, pesto Calabrese and pesto Genevese.
  • Shake Shack: The beloved burger chain will serve Roadside burgers and chocolate hazelnut custard. Snag a VIP ticket (Saturday’s are sold out) and you can enjoy bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches from 10 to 11 am.