They’ve got a lot in common: They’re superstrong. They can defy gravity. They each have a new TV series. That would be “Supergirl” (CBS, Mondays, 8 p.m.) and “Jessica Jones” (Netflix).

A refugee from exploding planet Krypton, Supergirl gets her powers from her earth’s yellow sun and lesser gravity as well as her molecular structure. She uses her abilities for good in the world and the kitchen, flashing heat vision to finish up an undercooked Thanksgiving turkey.

Jones, exposed to “unidentified experimental material” in a car accident as a teen, can hoist a car and can leap several stories high (although no flying … yet). She claims her laser eyes can melt a human but seems to be kidding about that.

Both women have past traumas. Supergirl’s parents are dead; she struggled with going public as a hero but decided to, in her words, “come out.” Jones previously did the evil bidding of mind-controlling villain Kilgrave, leaving her with PTSD. She uses alcohol to ease her pain but never gets woozy, so maybe that’s another superpower.

On the fashion front, Supergirl wears a flouncy skirt and tights, which one character compares (quite accurately) to a rejected figure skater’s get-up. Jones opts for a tank top and old jeans, which she never appears to launder.

Personality-wise Supergirl is cheery and sweet. Jones must drink vinegar as well as whiskey to cough up so much sarcasm: “Massages make me tense!”

Optimists will love Supergirl. Pessimists will be drawn to Jones. But here’s the thing about TV shows: Everything must change. Sunny “Supergirl” is likely to go darker with the revelation that her foster dad perished while working for a secret government agency. And hardboiled Jones confesses her greatest weakness is “Occasionally I give a damn.”

Who knows, maybe she’ll start whistling while she tipples.

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