Dean Rosedragon (Paul F. Tompkins) plays chess with his employees. Think there’s a metaphor there? (Seeso)

Like millions of Americans, I am addicted to real estate reality shows. But frankly, I’m a bit tired of the predictability of it all. Houses are hunted, rehabbed, loved or listed, flipped and flopped.

Then I came across a new listing in the category: “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$,” streaming on Seeso, NBC’s comedy streaming service. It’s a spoof of high-end real estate shows, and it’s hysterically over-the-top.

The series focuses on the fictional Platinum Real Estate (in Beverly Hills, of course), founded by ascot-wearing Dean Rosedragon, whose scruffy brown goatee doesn’t quite match his graying hair. He created the business with nothing but a dream — and a $10 million loan from dad. Now he wants to take one of his agents as a partner. They’re eager to compete. And they’re all pretty cuckoo.

Victoria King convinces a client to choose her as his listing agent by vowing, “I will sell it for 8 million in 24 hours and I will not cut off your balls.” Amir Yaghoob declares: “My only rule is I don’t play by the rules except for my own, which I do play by.” Chelsea Leight-Leigh (no relation to the similarly named TV show) boasts of 4 million Twitter followers and 6 stalkers. Two male agents swear they aren’t lovers (though clearly they are).

The clients are even crazier. A drunken show biz type wants to sell his mansion (with a view of “sharks and octupuses”), until he sobers up. He then accuses the listing agents of invading his property. They get him drunk … seven more times … until they make the sale.

Seeso, which launched in January, charges $3.99 a month for its all-comedy roster, but the first two episodes of “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” are free. You don’t need a real estate agent to know that’s a good deal.

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