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Only the most colorful politicians get special names in sign language assigned to them by the deaf community — everyone else’s names are finger spelled, one letter at a time. Perhaps that’s why ideas for Donald Trump signs abound, while Hillary Clinton signs have yet to take off. Here are a few signs that have been batted around this election cycle, plus the slang signs for several presidents — past and present.

Donald Trump:

Use your hand to emulate what might happen if a stiff wind came in contact with Trump’s hair.

Bernie Sanders:

Sanders’ emerging name sign is also the sign for inspiration. Another uses a fire sign on the chest, as in “Feel the Bern!”

Bill Clinton:

After Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky became public, this name sign popped up. It features a “C” going on a curve around the index finger of the other hand — the sign for “affair.”

Richard Nixon:

Put your hand into an “N” hand shape and go across the chin, which is the same location and movement for “liar.” This sign for Nixon caught on after the Watergate scandal.

Ronald Reagan:

The former actor in Western films got a name sign that references his roles as a gun-toting cowboy. Put your hands into the shape of a gun, but cross your fingers – the hand-shape for “R”. Then ‘pull ‘em out of your imaginary holsters and shoot.

Barack Obama:

His name sign echoes his logo, with the letter “O” smoothly transforming into a “B” sideways.

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