For this week’s Weekend Pass cover, we collaborated with Express contributor and Baltimore Academy of Illustration co-founder Alex Fine and his editorial illustration class to produce a fun image to pair with the Going Out Guide’s round-up of the District’s best hot dogs. It wasn’t our first project with Fine’s students: Earlier this year, the cover of our spring arts preview section was created by Stephanie Smith, a student in last fall’s course.

While we chose to D.C.-native Jessica Pavone’s clever image of the eight sitting Supreme Court justices each having a bite, we considered works by all 17 students in the course. From a Metro map made of hot dog toppings to the Nationals’ Racing Presidents trailing a dog at Nationals Park, each one is a unique take on a delicious subject that got the creative ketchup flowing.

Kathleen Wilson

Niki Koch

Melissa Capaletti

Dave Simmons

Scott Margolis