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Biking: It’s faster than walking, cheaper than a car and we don’t have enough space to go into how it beats Metro. Just look outside at everyone zipping by and you’ll see how many people agree that biking is the way to go. For the first bike-themed issue of Weekend Pass, we asked locals what they love about biking in D.C.

“I can get across town faster than all other forms of transportation. I can have brunch in Brookland and then get to 14th Street faster than driving or taking the Metro.”
— Loren Copsey, founder of The Daily Rider, a bike shop on H Street NE

“You can take a 15-minute detour through Rock Creek Park and be surrounded by trees. You’d never believe you were in a major metropolitan area.”
— Alexandra Alderman, Cleveland Park resident and avid biker

“We have a wide variety of terrain, and an amazing infrastructure has been built out. Look at the bike lanes downtown and the protected bike lanes past and future.”
— Bruce Deming, bike injury attorney and founder of thebikelawyer.com

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