The Almas Temple, on K Street NW, is where some Masons hang out.

DC Historic Sites, a free iPhone and Android app created by the DC Preservation League, serves up the DC Inventory of Historic Sites with photos, blurbs and maps. Most of the app’s contents are far humbler than the big monuments (though those are in there, too): apartment buildings, churches, obscure statuary and more. Here are some of the sites we discovered when we tried it out.

Memorials on 16th Street NW
Find the Guglielmo Marconi Memorial, a tribute to the inventor of radio, at Lamont Street. A bronze statue of Catholic cardinal James Gibbons blesses visitors to his Park Road memorial.

African-American churches
Third Baptist Church (1546 Fifth St. NW) was designed by Calvin T. S. Brent, the first African-American in D.C. trained as a professional architect. The First African New Church (2105-07 10th St. NW) housed the city’s first African-American congregation of the Swedenborgian church, based on the teachings of 18th-century mystic Emanuel Swedberg.

The “View a Random Site” button produced the Convent of Bon Secours (4101 Yuma St. NW); once home to nuns of a nursing order founded in France, it’s now the Yuma Study Center. Almas Temple (1315 K St. NW) is a Masonic hangout and a rare example of exotic revivalism in D.C.

DC Historic Sites is a work in progress. If you have current photos of any sites, send them to

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