Doi Dua’s vermicelli soup with dungeness crab, shrimp, tofu, and tomato.

Last year Anna Marie Vocaturo, a former line cook at Rose’s Luxury, and her partner, Sarah Bui, left D.C. for Portland, Ore. — a place they’d never been — to try something new.

They ended up founding Doi Dua, a recurring Vietnamese pop-up that served classic dishes with a modern lean. “Sarah had been cooking Vietnamese food since I met her, and that was a passion of mine,” Vocaturo says. “[The pop-up] was extremely successful.”

Their lease recently expired (and Anna grew tired of Portland’s constant rain) so the duo are heading back to D.C. — and bringing the pop-up with them.

On Sunday, June 19 you can sample their dishes at Archipelago, the new tiki bar at 1201 U St. NW. The a la carte menu will include a handful of offerings, including Doi Dua’s popular banh khot, a pancake made of shrimp, turmeric and coconut milk.

Vocaturo hopes the inaugural event at Archipelago is a sign of more to come. “We’ll see how it goes and we may do another one,” Vocaturo says.