Ryan Lochte isn’t the only athlete to tell a fib and get outed by video.

Basketball player Cam Calloway was punched in the eye by his sister, whose bling ring caused major damage. That wasn’t a good story for his image, so Cam cooked up a different explanation: He slipped on a Coke spill on his marble floor and “landed on my eye.”

Then his butler leaked footage of the incident to the media, and humiliation ensued.

Unlike Lochte, Cam is not a real-life liar. He’s a character on the very funny sitcom “Survivor’s Remorse,” which started its third season last month on Starz (10 p.m., Sundays).

The show centers on Cam (Jessie Usher), whose million-dollar contract enabled him to leave the projects of Boston and buy a mansion for himself and his family in Atlanta, where he plays ball. That makes him a survivor. And along with success comes the inevitable guilt.

The show deftly blends social commentary and sharp (even far-out) humor. In a recent episode, Cam’s manager, Missy, hires a dark-skinned model for a photo shoot to take a stand for women of color who are often “invisible” in magazines. The model quits and Missy is furious to see that the replacement is light-skinned. Missy fires the new model, who retorts: “Can’t you see that we’re in the same boat? If the boat sinks, you think because I’m light-skinned I don’t drown?”

That same episode explored hookup fantasies with a sci-fi twist. Cam’s mom is frustrated that the love of her life, a Chinese businessman, is half a world away in Shanghai. He sent her a talking robotic version of himself, but she’s not having it: “Intimacy is difficult enough for me without the batteries.”

NBA superstar LeBron James thought up the freewheeling series with his business partner, Maverick Carter, and serves as executive producer. He’s clearly aiming to rule the media world as well as the court. His next show, “Cleveland Hustles,” a reality series about four entrepreneurs trying to make their dreams come true while revitalizing a neighborhood, premieres on CNBC on Wednesday.

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