We asked, you answered. Here’s what readers voted as the best stylish spots in the D.C. area.

Best vintage shop

Nomad Yard Collectiv
If Jessa from “Girls,” Denise Huxtable from “The Cosby Show” and Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall all shared a closet, it might look like Nomad Yard Collectiv. Packed with the travel treasures and indie designer finds of owner Desiree Venn Frederic, the sunny shop is stuffed with the kinds of conversation pieces you wish you had stolen from your cool aunt’s house. Dig through antique suitcases overflowing with gauzy scarves, or pluck the perfect vintage boater hat from the hat tree. If nothing else, poke around for design inspiration: No one can decorate a room with both a fitted band jacket and a flowy kimono quite like Venn Frederic. —Lori McCue (411 New York Ave. NE)
2nd: Mustard Seed, 7349 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda
3rd: Secondi, 1702 Connecticut Ave. NW

Best place to buy a gift

Salt & Sundry
Good luck to anyone trying to best you at the holiday gift exchange this year: It’s hard to top a papier-mache deer bust, or one of the other niche eccentricities at Salt & Sundry. The shop has more practical gifts, too, like everything you need to make an impossibly classy cocktail (recipe books, artisanal mixers or bitters, and glasses, stirrers and shakers). “I’m drawn to items that have a great story,” says owner Amanda McClements. “That’s kind of what informs the look and feel of the store. It’s a little Southern bohemian.” Salt & Sundry’s S Street location is so bursting with boho knickknacks that it’s moving to a larger location at 1625 14th St. NW, which McClements hopes to open before the holidays. —Erin Bylander (1309 Fifth St. NE and 1401 S St. NW)
2nd: Wake Up Little Suzie, 3409 Connecticut Ave. NW
3rd: Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW

Best Boutique

Violet Boutique
Violet Boutique is in Georgetown, but not of Georgetown. The top boutique moved from Adams Morgan in May but still kept its inventory current, its service top-notch — and, perhaps most surprising, its prices affordable. “We have a tremendous respect for people’s money,” owner Julie Egermayer says. “Whether you’re treating yourself to a $5 pair of earrings or a $100 dress, it’s the same to us. We just want you to leave happy.” Egermayer also cites the boutique’s dedication to customer service as key to its success. “We love working with people, we love helping people feel amazing in their clothes, and we try to do it in a beautiful atmosphere,” she says. —Kristen Page-Kirby (3289 M St. NW)
2nd: Lou Lou, multiple locations
3rd: Redeem, 1810 14th St. NW

Best home goods store

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot
If you’re visiting Miss Pixie’s on a weekend, you might be too late. With 4,000 square feet of storage space, Pixie Windsor always keeps her shop stocked with vibrant art and furniture. But she says the best finds she unearths at auction are gone shortly after they’re priced out at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “I like wild colors,” Windsor says. “I like wacky, fun stuff.” Windsor takes pride in a selection that ranges from $1 toy cars and $5 stemware to $500 dressers. Browse for hours and enjoy a complimentary miniature cookie. You’ll walk out with something eventually. —Gabe Hiatt (1626 14th St. NW)
2nd: Tabletop, 1608 20th St. NW and 6927 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park, Md.
3rd: GoodWood, 1428 U St. NW

Best Men’s Apparel Store

Hugh & Crye
Your buttons shouldn’t gap, or cry out in pain as they strain to break free from their tiny holes. Those little bunches above your belt do not, in fact, hide your belly. And no, no, no, your cuffs should not reach your knuckles. This Navy Yard shop specializes in shirts that actually fit — with 12 unique fits, to be exact, of dress shirts, denim shirts and T’s. There’s also a selection of casual and dress blazers, as well as pocket squares for that finishing touch, and it’s all available for online ordering too. —K.P.K. (300 Tingey St. SE #140)
2nd: Federal, 2216 14th St. NW
3rd: (tie) Avenue Jack, 1301 Connecticut Ave. NW; Durkl at Maketto, 1351 H St. NE

Best hair salon

Scissor & Comb Salon
You can get plenty of haircut inspiration from Scissor & Comb’s Instagram page. It’s a grid of clients’ transformations: bleached locks, foot-long chops and purple-streaked hair. Scissor & Comb is photo-ready IRL, too, with bright white tiles and plenty of greenery. “A lot of dudes — and women — feel very comfortable here because it’s very masculine,” says Cortney Palmiero, who owns the salon with husband Ian. —L.M. (7009 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md.)
2nd: Bang Salon, multiple locations
3rd: Immortal Beloved, 1831 14th St. NW

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