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Hipster Glenn Beck jokes make the rounds on the internet. 

@kashanacauley reacts to a May 2016 image of Glenn Beck, left, that went viral on Wednesday after CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski tweeted it out with the caption, “When did Glenn Beck move to Brooklyn?” Beck raised eyebrows recently after he told The New Yorker that Obama had made him a better man.

Muslim woman fights assumptions with facts.  

@dakotathemoose shows support for 19-year-old Heraa Hashmi of Colorado, who compiled an online, public list of thousands of examples of Muslims condemning terrorism after a classmate asked her why Muslims do not condemn terrorist attacks linked to Islam. Hashmi shared her work in a tweet that went viral. Here’s a link to her spreadsheet.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters appreciate her low-makeup look.

@JamboR1989 after Hillary Clinton wore minimal makeup for her first public appearance since her concession speech, at a Wednesday evening event for the Children’s Defense Fund. Her supporters appreciated the change in her look. “Something about HRC’s new no-makeup look inspires me,” @_mallorybaker tweeted. Clinton acknowledged that she has had a tough time since losing the election, but said she is optimistic: “Believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up,” she told attendees.

Get ready for the UK’s new Quidditch league. 

@CambrieCaldwell  about the launch of the Quidditch Premier League in the U.K., coming next summer. Quidditch is played by Hogwarts students on flying brooms in the “Harry Potter” series, but it has been played on the ground in real life since 2005. More than 20,000 people play the game in 25 countries, The Guardian reported.

The “other” Mike Pence. 

@1followernodad on the “other” Mike Pence, a man who has a Twitter handle people may confuse with that of the Mike Pence who is the new vice president-elect. “I’m a liberal software engineer, not a Republocrat bigot. Send your hate-tweets to @GovPenceIN,” @mikepence wrote back in July. Vice president-elect Mike Pence’s new twitter handle is @mike_pence.