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Steelers fans are not thrilled about Terry Bradshaw’s dig at Coach Tomlin. 

“They have a term for guys like Bradshaw in Pittsburgh that was added to the Oxford English dictionary last year. JAGOFF.”

Glenn Jones comments on about former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw calling current coach Mike Tomlin, left, a “cheerleader guy.” Bradshaw, who hasn’t played in the NFL since 1983, couldn’t keep his critical opinion of Tomlin to himself. His digs brought negative feedback from Steelers fans and players, like the one above who called Bradshaw a Pittsburgh term for “jerk.” Tomlin, who just coached the Steelers to a division title, said Bradshaw’s phrase was disrespectful.

YouTuber Jackie Aina claps back at her haters; gets 1 million subscribers.

@kyrageous tweets at YouTube beauty blogger Jackie Aina, above, who responded on YouTube to a “fan” who said she should tone down her commentary on race. After Aina shut him down, her followers rallied to boost her number of subscribers.

Dad’s heartfelt gift of pride flag goes viral.

@bluecoldbrew tweets at Dakotah Whitcomb, @SatanKotah, whose post about a Christmas gift from her dad went viral. Whitcomb, who is bisexual, asked her dad for a gay pride flag and shared his letter to her on Twitter. Since many people in her family are in the military, her dad wrote, “It makes sense that you would want a flag to represent something you are a part of.”

Mixed reactions over the holidays on the hot toy Hatchimals. 

@85b255064f3e41d, one parent who wasn’t happy with the Hatchimal toy he bought for his child. Some parents took to social media to complain about the high-selling toys when they failed to hatch from their eggs as promised. Others, loved the new toy. 

Ayesha posts a pic of Santa Steph on Instagram.

“I would love to kiss him too!!! @ayeshacurry love your family!!”

clauds408 comments on an Instagram photo posted Monday night by Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. She posted the above pic of her husband dressed up as Santa Claus, or “Curry Claus,” as she wrote in the caption, followed Tuesday by a video of him dancing in a Santa suit. “I love this family. Keep this example of what family is all about,” Instagram user msleoross commented.