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Shia LaBeouf arrested over pretty lame fight

For his crime against fashion, LaBeouf has been ordered to burn his poncho. (Getty Images)
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Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in New York City early Thursday after he got into an altercation during a performance art project. Police said LaBeouf pushed a man and pulled his scarf outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, scratching his face in the process. LaBeouf faces a misdemeanor assault charge and is due in court April 4. The tussle happened on the seventh day of a live-stream that LaBeouf has had running since Donald Trump’s first day as president. The piece invites the public to repeat the phrase “He will not divide us” into a camera mounted on a wall. –AP

Don’t let her hang them on her walls

Dakota Johnson spoke to Glamour UK this week about her newfound love of sex toys. “Oh, some of that stuff is just so beautiful,” the actress said. “When we first started on ‘Fifty Shades [of Grey],’ that wasn’t a world I was privy to at all. … There are some things out there that are really grimy and nasty, and then there are really beautiful, intricate and chic toys.”

Social media
Most people take photos of sandcastles at the beach, but this works too

Ashley Graham shared a photo of herself at the beach Wednesday. The Instagram photo was a close-up shot of the model’s leg, dimpled with cellulite. “I do my best to eat well,” she wrote. “I love the skin I’m in. And I’m not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite. And you shouldn’t be either.”

Party lines
It’s only because she voted for Burger King

In an interview with Bon Appetit, “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee said she predicts President Trump will serve McDonald’s at his state dinners. “If I were attending one of his state dinners — though I doubt that I would get invited — I’d probably have to bring one of my granola bars,” she told the magazine. “Just in case.”

Sofia’s relatives would like cut of that TV money

In a new interview with Hola! magazine, Sofia Vergara addressed criticism of her “Modern Family” character, Gloria. “What’s wrong with being a stereotype?” she said. “Gloria’s character is inspired by my mom and my aunt. They are both Latin women who grew up in Colombia, like me. They love color, prints and shoes.”

“We’ve all been the only woman in the room where you feel you have to stand up for the entire gender or the entire race, or both.” —Kerry Washington, speaking at Sundance about the importance of representation, as quoted by E! News