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Marshawn Lynch is a burst of sunshine on the dark internet. 

@AntiochTweets on former NFL star Marshawn Lynch, who went to Houston, Scotland, as part of a Skittles promotion video for the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. In the segment, Lynch brought his signature happy-go-lucky attitude to learning about Scottish culture. He chatted with locals about kilts, danced to bagpipes, saw a castle and passed out Skittles.

Sean Spicer goofs on Twitter (again). 

Getty Images

@ChrisPa1975 tweets about yet another Twitter mishap from White House press secretary Sean Spicer. This time, Spicer retweeted a video from satire/actual fake news site The Onion. The video, “5 Things to Know About Sean Spicer,” was captioned “Spicer’s role in the Trump administration will be to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation.” Spicer retweeted it with the comment: “You nailed it. Period!” It is unclear if he didn’t read to the end of the tweet, misunderstood what “misinformation” means or was partaking in his own satire.

Supporters of travel ban call to #BoycottStarbucks. 

@DeborahTaylor87 uses #BoycottStarbucks, which took off after the company committed to hiring 10,000 refugees globally in the next five years. CEO Howard Schultz said the effort will start in the U.S., with a focus on refugees who have supported U.S. troops.

Old Trump Hotel tweet gets new attention after executive action. 

@LaszloBock2718, former Google executive Laszlo Bock, is one of many who shared personal stories in response to a 2011 Trump Hotels tweet that asked about a favorite travel memory. The tweet got new attention this week from those against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Sage Steele was inconvenienced by airport protests. 

Sage Steele (Getty Images)

@desusnice mocks ESPN host Sage Steele, who said on Instagram that she was “saddened” to see airport protests against Trump’s immigration ban disrupt travel plans (Steele missed a flight out of Los Angeles). She got a heaping of backlash for her tone-deaf post.