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Cash me outside, howboudah teen returns to the “Dr. Phil Show.” 

@RobbieEgelstad on the return to the “Dr. Phil Show” of the rebellious teen known for the catchphrase “Cash me outside howbowdah.” Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli first appeared on the show in fall 2016, and a clip of her saying, “Catch me outside, how about that” went viral. Bregoli returned to the show Friday and showed off her viral fame by telling Dr. Phil, “I made you, just like how Oprah made you. You were nothing before I came on this show,” which became the most talked-about moment of the episode.

Department of Education misspells W.E.B. Du Bois’ name. 

@mehreenkasana tweeting in reference to the Trump administration after the Department of Education spelled the name of scholar and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois wrong in a tweet. It was spelled incorrectly as W.E.B. DeBois.

Is there any person that Kate McKinnon can’t play? 

@kamrunnesa tweeting about wildly talented “SNL” cast member Kate McKinnon, who played all three characters listed above in Saturday’s episode. McKinnon is well known for playing Conway, but added Attorney General Jeff Sessions to her lineup, along with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Dominican paper apologizes for using photo of Alec Baldwin instead of President Trump.

@NancyPeltonen tweeting after The Associated Press reported that Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional mistakenly ran a photo of actor Alec Baldwin portraying President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” instead of Trump himself. The paper issued an apology Saturday.

United Airlines pilot goes on weird rant, passengers flee. 

“You get someone with a bad day at Subway, you may get too much dressing on your sandwich. You get a pilot having a bad day, and it could be lights out.”

acarldominic1 comments on a story about a United Airlines pilot who went on a rant, causing numerous passengers to exit the plane before takeoff in Austin, Texas. The pilot was not in uniform and talked about her divorce and politics. Another pilot replaced her. One passenger tweeted about the exchange in a thread: