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Sure, ‘The Arrangement’ is totally fictional

“The Arrangement” is *totally* fake and *not at all* based on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. (E!)

The first thing you should know about “The Arrangement” (which premiered Sunday on E!) is that it is not in any way, shape or form based on Tom Cruise and his possibly arranged marriage to Katie Holmes and his involvement with the religion called Scientology.

“It really isn’t,” executive producer Jonathan Abrahams told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. That settles it.

So what is it about? It’s about a supercool movie star named Kyle West (played by Josh Henderson and his soul patch), who belongs to a controlling self-actualization organization called the Institute of the Higher Mind and who was just left standing at the altar by his bride-to-be. As a result of this humiliation, he needs to refurbish his brand by coming up with a new wife.

Enter seemingly sweet and smart Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista). She’s working as a waitress but wants to be an actress. She finds out her boyfriend impregnated another woman, goes on a bender — and the next morning gets a call to audition for a Kyle West movie.

Megan nails it, and two days later, Kyle offers her a $10 million contract to be his wife. What a romantic! (And the circumstances are so very different from the Cruise-Holmes saga: TomKat didn’t get engaged until nearly eight weeks after they first met.)

Everybody has secrets in this glossy, entertaining and at times ridiculous soap opera, which plays like a dark version of “La La Land.” Why did Kyle’s fiance dump him? Does he really have feelings for Megan? As for Megan, she admits she has a “land mine” in her past. Also, during her audition she’s asked who she’d be if she could be any other person, and she says Amelia Earhart. Because who wouldn’t want to try to fly around the world and then disappear?

No wonder Kyle West is enamored of the flock of goats that chews up weeds in his beautiful yard: “At least I know they’re goats.”

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