These Girl Scouts dressed up as famous women from history. 

Girl Scouts of USA and Tricia Messeroux (Toddlewood)

“Love this! Great way to get young people thinking about iconic women in our history and celebrating them.”

Shayna Medinger reacts on Facebook to the Girl Scouts’ Women’s History Month photoshoot, which styled young girls as historic women such as Condoleezza Rice, Amelia Earhart and Mae Jemison.

“Clear knee mom jeans” is a real thing. 


@michaelGmcm tweeting about this image of “clear knee mom jeans,” which is a real description of a real pair of Topshop pants available from Nordstrom. “I am now able to tan my knees without having to sacrifice warmth of the caps,” Jeaniemcjeanieson wrote in a sarcastic online product review.

Everyone loves this hat-wearing toad. 

Chris Newsome

@pastel_joshler referencing the popular hat-wearing dog “What in tarnation” meme in a tweet about the viral pictures of this toad wearing a hat. After the toad began visiting Chris Newsome’s front porch every night, the Alabama man decided to make the friendly creature some hats to make a friend’s child laugh. Newsome told BuzzFeed that he started making hats out of foam paper and the toad didn’t seem to mind wearing them. In this shot, the toad wears a pink hat with a feather and a monocle. Newsome first shared the pictures of his dapper toad friend on Reddit, but they were quickly seen across the internet because social media. “There’s not really any other logical option when confronted by a toad on your porch,” @MrJustinHunter tweeted.

Woman writes account of her viral interaction with Sean Spicer. 

“I was not polite. But when does being impolite mean that I should be thrown out of the United States of America? The country I was born in … the country I love despite its flaws.”

Shree Chauhan writing on about her experience confronting White House press secretary Sean Spicer in a D.C. Apple store. When Chauhan, who is of Indian descent, confronted Spicer, he said, “Such a great country that allows you to be here.”

Kellyanne Conway sparks jokes about microwaves. 


@Jake_Vig making fun of Kellyanne Conway after the White House adviser referred to “microwaves that turn into cameras” in an interview Sunday. The recent WikiLeaks reports that cited televisions and other gadgets being used for surveillance did not mention microwaves.