Everyone has feelings about Beyonce, even Irish politicians. 

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“Beyonce is the only queen I have time for. Of course I like Beyonce.”

Jonathan O’Brien, an Irish politician, responding to journalist Amy O’Connor when she asked every Irish politician for their opinion of Beyonce. Her piece for The Daily Edge was expanded upon by a number of media outlets. A bunch of the politicians named “Halo” as their favorite Beyonce song. Some gave heartfelt responses, such as Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan, who said, “As it happens, I’m a big Beyonce fan. … Saw her Central Park New York — memorable!!” Readers shared their admiration:

“The Bachelor” finale left some viewers skeptical of Nick and Vanessa’s relationship. 

Vanessa and Nick. (ABC)

@pmgeer sharing an opinion popular with many “Bachelor” fans: that Bachelor Nick Viall and fiance Vanessa Grimaldi, who were engaged in the season finale Monday night, did not look  thrilled when they appeared together in public for the first time on live TV during the after-show. Their interview was visibly awkward, and Grimaldi admitted that “some days are tougher than others.”

Vibrator maker agrees to pay up after violating users’ privacy. 

“Apparently your vibrator is spying on you too, now. First the microwave, now this!”

@beakerson tweeting about the news that sex toy maker We-Vibe has agreed to pay customers in a class-action suit up to $10,000 each after it was discovered that the company was tracking users’ data with without their knowledge, The Guardian reported. The company’s bluetooth vibrator, We-Vibe 4 Plus, could be controlled with an app that had security and privacy vulnerabilities.

White House correspondent becomes a reaction GIF. 

@pablo_honey1 tweeting about White House correspondent John Gizzi of Newsmax, who became a reaction GIF after he perfectly executed flipping his glasses onto his nose from his forehead during a press briefing. Gizzi clearly looked around to see if anyone noticed (no one had), but he got his recognition when the clip became a meme.

Marco Rubio did not like Snoop Dogg’s new music video. 

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“Rubio was OK/silent on Trump’s suggestion that ‘2nd amendment people’ could stop Clinton. In other words, dismiss him.”

Sumer 54 commenting at tmz.com on a clip of Sen. Marco Rubio taking issue with Snoop Dogg’s music video for “Lavender,” which features Snoop firing a gun at a clown version of Donald Trump. Rubio said he thinks videos like that could inspire an assassination.