Rachel Maddow (Getty)

Rachel Maddow took her time, and got dragged on Twitter for it. 

@SamuelAAdams sharing one of the countless jokes about MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow after she made viewers wait an agonizing 20 minutes for her “scoop” on President Trump’s tax returns during Tuesday night’s episode of her show. In the end, the tax return was only two pages from a decade-old return, and many felt the wait wasn’t worth the payoff.

Carmelo Anthony’s latest hat inspires some jokes. 

@gwiss on the fur coat and hat Knicks star Carmelo Anthony wore after his team beat the Pacers on Tuesday night at home in New York. This was far from the first time that Anthony had sported an eccentric hat, but basketball fans on Twitter still took the chance to make fun. His getup was compared to everything from “The Revenant” to the season finale of “The Bachelor,” which took place in Rovaniemi, Finland.

This is the story of one messed-up job rejection.

Skip the Dishes

“Wait. So asking about WAGES means you’re not a self-starter?”

@cenobyte responding to Canadian woman Taylor Byrnes, @feministjourney on Twitter, who said that her second interview with meal-delivery company Skip the Dishes was canceled after she asked about wages and benefits. In the screen shots Byrnes shared on Twitter, a representative from the company told her that asking about wages and benefits before a second interview was a “concern” because the startup believes in the “pursuit of company goals as opposed to … compensation.” Skip the Dishes later backtracked.

Fox News has some issues with these newspapers’ T-shirts. 

The Washington Post shop via Zazzle.com

@IanFortey tweeting at “Fox & Friends First” after the TV show shared a clip critical of newspapers such as The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune for selling T-shirts with pro-journalism slogans. The tweet described the slogans as an example of media bias. Some Twitter users questioned that sentiment.