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Paul Ryan gets dragged for his appalling pint of Guinness.

@byrdie36 was one of the many social media users who were not impressed by what came to be known as Paul Ryan’s “appalling pint.” When the House speaker raised a glass for a toast during a luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, people couldn’t help but notice it was lacking the creamy, thick foam head that is the mark of a well-poured Guinness.

Trump and Merkel share an awkward moment instead of a handshake. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump. (Getty)

@lukeoneil47 tweeting an impression of the awkward moment between President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel when Merkel asked Trump for a handshake during a photo session on Friday. In the video footage, photographers can be heard yelling, “Handshake!” Then, Merkel says something about a handshake, but is met with silence from Trump. The two did shake hands, however, when they greeted each other for the day, and later at a news conference. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump didn’t hear Merkel ask in that moment.

Fans of “Mulan” are not happy about the “no-song” news. 

@JoshHelaku tweeting about the news that Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of “Mulan” will not include any songs, which director Niki Caro recently revealed to Moviefone. Fans of “Mulan’s” songs, such as the classic “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” expressed their disappointment on social media.

This art gallery takes passive-aggressive roommate behaviors to new levels. 

@barfbabe giving a satirical review of the “passive-aggressive art gallery” that comedian Justin Cousson shared on Twitter as a jab at his roommate. Cousson took photos of random items his roommate had left out around the house, like a cheese knife and boxes on the couch, and set it up like an art gallery, with clever explanations and prices. Of the boxes left on the couch, he wrote, “What even IS breaking them down or recycling them.”