Meryl Streep finally becomes a meme.

@Tusslindo pairs the song “Work” with the latest viral meme: Meryl Streep shouting. A photo of Streep mid-shout at the 2015 SAG awards became a meme over the weekend for call-and-response songs.

This video of a giant chicken terrified a lot of people.

@MaraWilson makes a joke about the White House’s proposed budget cuts and the video of a big chicken that went viral Sunday after it was tweeted by @LifesBook_Ceo. The chicken IS real; it is a Brahma chicken, which can weigh up to 18 pounds.

YouTube is under fire for LGBTQ video filtering.

@Universal_WiFi on the latest news surrounding YouTube. Some LGBT YouTubers complained that their content is being blocked from those using the “restricted” setting, an opt-in feature that hides what some may deem “objectionable” content. The revelation triggered the hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty. YouTube said Sunday that content discussing topics like sexuality and politics might not appear with that setting, and is looking into it.

Wonder Woman sparks conversation about her armpits.

Warner Brothers

@racheltunnard on the reactions to the latest trailer for the upcoming film “Wonder Woman.” One of the scenes shows Wonder Woman lifting a car and throwing it across the street, but her armpits — and lack of armpit hair — were what stood out. Many viewers said they wished her pits weren’t so hairless, given that the superhero, who grew up on a mythical island of women devoid of beauty standards, probably doesn’t have time for regular waxes.

KitchenAid under fire for pink appliances “for women” campaign.

@blampish on a new KitchenAid ad featuring a series of hot pink kitchen appliances, labeled “KitchenAid for Women.” Twitter user @hazedavis first spotted the ad, and tweeted about it Friday. Many responded by calling it sexist for associating pink kitchen supplies with women, while others claimed it was not a big deal. KitchenAid apologized for the ad, saying the products are designed to raise awareness of breast cancer.