Celebrate Muslim Women’s Day. 

@HindMakki sharing a message of support on Monday, the first-ever Muslim Women’s Day. The day was created by the website MuslimGirl to combat Islamophobia by elevating Muslim women’s voices.

Young woman comes up with Tinder scheme. 

“If [you are] thirsty enough to send money to a Tinder match then you deserve to get ‘scammed.’ “

Georgia Gordon commenting on a BuzzFeed article about a young woman named Maggie from St. Louis, who has been running a minor Tinder scam. Maggie asks her matches to send her $5 and “see what happens.” What happens next is that she accepts the money and promptly unmatches them.

Fans defend Kourtney Kardashian after Instagram post. 

“Screw them, Kourtney. If that’s what [you’re] rolling in, why wouldn’t the kids sit on it?”

shanitawhalen defending Kourtney Kardashian for this Instagram photo of her kids sitting on a Mercedes G-Wagon. The picture attracted a lot of negative attention from people who felt that the open display of wealth could encourage incidents like last year’s robbery of Kim Kardashian.

These Affordable Care Act vote ads were embarrassingly wrong.

@KGertsen tweeting about the Republican ads that ran in some districts across the country, congratulating representatives for voting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The prepaid ads ran on Friday after the GOP health care bill had been pulled. Some of the representatives in the ads hadn’t even supported the replacement bill. 

Britons drag Alex Jones for conspiracy theory about their queen.

@mrkernow tweeting at Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who on Saturday tweeted the wildly untrue accusation that Muslims in England are “demanding” that Queen Elizabeth convert to Islam or leave the country. Britons responded by mocking Jones for his ridiculous theory, sharing satirical pictures of the Queen in headscarves as evidence that she has already converted.