April the Giraffe finally gives birth — with a million watching. 

April and her newborn son (AP)

“Thank you, April, and congratulations on your new baby. You made us forget, at least for a little while, how crazy the world is.”

Maureen Callahan, a New York Times commenter on Facebook, congratulating internet sensation April the Giraffe on the birth of her baby. The birth was highly anticipated — April had been watched by millions via a livestream for nearly two months, in anticipation of her due date. The day finally arrived Saturday at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. The male calf was nursing strongly and his mother was recovering “perfectly,” officials said. The calf weighs 129 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. About one million people livestreamed the birth.

Cam Newton goes all out for Coachella. 

Cam Newton via @cameron1newton Instagram

@AGuyNamedNam, tweeting about Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s latest attention-grabbing ensemble — his Coachella outfit. Newton is known for his eccentric fashion choices, and his shirt and shorts in a matching floral print were no exception. Many of his fans on social media thought the look was on point:

Wendy’s can’t hold back their Twitter burns. 

Wendy’s logo

@Wendys, the Twitter account of Wendy’s burger chain, swapping insults with fellow fast-food chain Hardee’s. The dispute was over which chain has the better four-for-four deal. Hardee’s wrote, “Just because you were first doesn’t mean you’re best,” and Wendy’s responded with this burn: “Tell us the fourth person to walk on the moon without googling it.” It’s safe to say that Wendy’s won the debate.

Salt Bae casts his vote in the Turkish referendum. 

Salt Bae casting his ballot (Instagram, @nusr_et)

@jatkinz, reacting to this photo of Turkish chef and social media celebrity Nusret Gokce, aka Salt Bae, who is known for the particular flourish he uses when salting his meats. When Gokce went to the polls for the Turkish referendum Sunday, he cast his ballot like he salts his meats — with a deliberate, sensual flick of the wrist.

Donald Trump Jr. is one of those people who wears T-shirts by the pool. 

@DonaldJTrumpJr via Instagram

@ilazer, making fun of Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted out this photo over the weekend of himself wearing a shirt that says “Very Fake News.” He said he wants to buy a few thousand for the mainstream media. Some social media users photoshopped the T-shirt with other messages, like this one from @jasonbaum: “If my dad wasn’t rich I’d be screwed.”