In Israel, dozens of cultures are on every table; “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” covers them all. (Menemsha Films)

“In Search of Israeli Cuisine”
Quick — name your favorite Israeli food! Having trouble? That’s because Israeli cooking is a unique mixture of cuisine from not only the surrounding countries and people, but from the immigrants who have migrated there, bringing their own traditions and flavors. In Roger Sherman‘s documentary “In Search of Israeli Cuisine,” chef Michael Solomonov eats his way around the Iraqi/Palestinian/Moroccan/Russian/Turkish/Greek kitchens of Israel. In the tradition of hunger-inducing documentaries such as “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” is best seen after you’ve eaten. That way you can digest, and go out to eat more afterward.
Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema, 7235 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda; opens Fri.

“Amazon Adventure 3D”
Some of the movies at the Smithsonians have always been there, will always be there, forever and ever, amen. There’s a newbie on the block now, the visually stunning “Amazon Adventure 3D.” It’s the true story of Henry Bates, who spent 11 years in the mid-19th century traipsing through the Amazon rainforest and making a ton of scientific discoveries, including identifying 8,000 new species. Bates made huge contributions in the study of evolution, and this IMAX film captures it all in breathtaking detail.
National Museum of Natural History, 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW; opens Fri., $9.

“The Manchurian Candidate”
If the political climate has you worried, get even more terrified with John Frankenheimer’s “The Manchurian Candidate,” playing at the AFI Silver. In the 1962 film, war hero Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) gets into politics at the behest of his overbearing, batpoop insane mom (Angela Lansbury). His war buddy (Frank Sinatra) keeps having nightmares about Shaw and, in trying to get to the bottom of them, discovers a conspiracy that puts all of America at risk.
AFI Silver, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring; Sun., 1:30 p.m.; Wed., April 26, 6:30 p.m., $13