The memes about Fyre Festival are gold. 

Ja Rule (Getty)

@Flames_Baldwin, tweeting about the Fyre Festival, which was billed by one of its founders, rapper Ja Rule, as a luxury music festival in the Bahamas, but the reality was nothing like what was promised. People who had nothing to do with the festival reveled on social media in the misery of those who could afford a $1,200 weekend package. (Note: Chance the Rapper was never involved in the festival.)

Jimmy Johns cashier has no time for this robbery.

“I can just see the ‘I don’t get paid enough for this’ in his body language.”

Rebekah Hutson, commenting at on the video of the Kansas City Jimmy John’s cashier who kept his cool during an armed robbery last week. The surveillance video, which went viral over the weekend, shows 24-year-old cashier Tuker Murray all but rolling his eyes as he took his sweet time emptying the cash register while a gun was pointed at his head.

Would you try pickle juice soda?

“I drink pickle juice. I eat pickles. I like pickle flavored chips. This pickle soda might be something special.”

@fro_870, tweeting about Pickle Juice Soda, which is a real thing being sold at a chain of candy stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio. While most people who tweeted about the weird soda flavor were skeptical, Twitter user @megtriv said it might go well paired with whiskey.

This Ohio family was probably just delighted to have Mark Zuckerberg join them for dinner.

Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook.

“You have to know how ridiculously performative this looks. If you want to run for office, try not to look so thirsty.”

Iamnotanumber7, commenting at on an article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg surprising an Ohio family by showing up to dinner at their house, as part of his effort to meet people in every state. The family had been told to expect a “mystery guest.”

Goodbye, Yik Yak.

“The real genius is in knowing when to sell, and Yik Yak should have seen the writing on the wall years ago, but were drinking their own koolaid.”

Sizer, commenting at on news that the localized anonymous message board app Yik Yak is shutting down only about three years after it launched. The controversial app was once valued at $400 million, but in practice it was known for fueling gossip and harassment on college campuses.