Carter got his nuggs, Wendy’s got some great press.

“In the future this will be in books. … Marketing books. Wendy’s is the true winner here. Have you seen their stock recently?”

Adam Bohn, commenting at on the news that Carter Wilkerson’s quest for 18 million retweets for a year’s worth of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets had a happy ending. The teen didn’t get to 18 million, but Tuesday, his tweet reached 3.5 million retweets. It’s now the most retweeted tweet ever, surpassing Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscars selfie. Wendy’s said Carter will get the nuggets, and it will also donate $100,000 to charity. The price of shares of Wendy’s stock has risen more than $1 in the last month.

Who’s here for Justin Trudeau/Emmanuel Macron fan fiction?

coreykindberg, tweeting the beginning of a fan fiction story about a romance between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President-elect Emmanuel Macron. @Jamiewoo started the trend with this tweet:

Diddy shows us the #DiddyCrop.

@Diddy via Instagram

@ayin_uyo, tweeting about rapper Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, whose photo edit became the #DiddyCrop meme. Diddy reposted a photo from the Met Gala posted by Kylie Jenner, but cropped out Kylie and her sister Kendall. He captioned the photo of himself with Wiz Khalifa, the members of Migos, Travis Scott and Jaden Smith #blackexcellence.

Why do we need the Amazon Echo Show?


“So, it’s almost exactly like a tablet (except without the portability).”

aardWolf, commenting at on the latest Amazon Echo product — Echo Show. Available for preorder for $229, it’s similar to a voice Echo but comes with a built-in screen meant for video calls, among other things. Commenters wondered how this edition could be different from a tablet, or a smartphone.

#NoMuslimBan ever trends during hearings.

@arjunsethi81, tweeting using the hashtag #NoMuslimBanEver, which trended on Tuesday afternoon as people took to social media to protest President Trump’s executive order on visitors from Muslim-majority countries. Hearings about the order are underway.