Pirates are threatening to release the new “Pirates” movie. 

(Walt Disney Studios)

@joemmathews, tweeting about the ironic news that internet pirates — hackers — stole the upcoming movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and are threatening to release it to the public unless Disney pays a ransom. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney isn’t going to pay, so anyone who cares may be able to see the movie before it opens May 26.

Katy Perry joins American Idol, some people are confused.


Zeester, commenting at washingtonpost.com on the news that Katy Perry will join the reboot of “American Idol” on ABC this winter. Some wondered why Perry would tie herself to the revival, which is controversial because the show has barely been off the air. Vanity fair asked the important question in the piece: Why in the World Is Katy Perry Judging American Idol? 

Mike and Mike is going off the air.


@JBrum30, tweeting about the news that, after 18 years, the ESPN radio/TV show “Mike & Mike” will end sometime this year. Mike Greenberg will get a new show, while Mike Golic will be part of a relaunched version of the show with his son Mike Golic Jr. and Trey Wingo. News of the breakup had long been rumored, but many fans shared on social media that they were disappointed by ESPN’s decision.

Man makes a sandwich, calls it a discovery.

@krekandbake, making fun of a BBC video called “My lunch hack,” which follows a British man through his revelatory week of making sandwiches at work instead of buying prepackaged sandwiches. Many people thought the video had to be satire, but the reporter, Dougal Shaw, tweeted that he made it in earnest when his colleagues found his new lunch habit odd.

McDonald’s misses the mark with British commercial.

A scene from the commercial. (McDonald’s)

@ronnetti, a viewer who felt a new British commercial for McDonald’s left a bad taste in his mouth. In the ad, a young boy struggles to connect with his deceased father until he learns that they both loved McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. People called it out for capitalizing on grief. McDonald’s said they would pull the commercial because of the objections.